What’s so good about our crepes anyway?

Traditional crepes are delicately thin, European style pancakes cooked quickly then stuffed with delicious sweet or savory fillings or sometimes just folded in quarters and simply topped with a fragrant sauceof fruit and cognac. Our crepes are made the traditional way from scratch and prepared to order using only the finest ingredients. Then they are stuffed with the most delicious items imaginable. Inspired by some of the worlds most celebrated dishes our chef creates delicious fillings from seasonal, locally sourced, fresh products.

Come enjoy a taste of Europe!

Although our Crepes are out of this world delicious, we offer a great variety of equally delicious dining choice. CrepeTown is a family owned and operated business, focusing on providing a delicious, top quality menu and friendly, hometown service. We hope you will love our food and enjoy our cozy, relaxing atmosphere.